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"Pray 4 My Hood Vol. 3: Ghetto Gospel" Is Out Now!

Sevin releases the new Hogmob album entitled, Pray 4 My Hood Vol. 3: Ghetto Gospel on June 7, 2019. Features include Sevin, Marcel Jackson, Sevin Duce, Zaydok, Bazooka Tha Disciple, Justus, Ivey Conerly, Skill Tha Lightmare, Brotha Ruff, Fonz Carter, Eric C The Tempa Tantrum, Miracle, Eshon Burgundy, Reynaa, Lindsay Niccs, and Micah Jovan.


1. Pray 4 Me (Intro)

2. Brand New (feat. Bazooka Tha Disciple & SevinDuce)

3. Fake N****z (feat. Justus, Zaydok, Fonz Carter & Skill Tha Lightmare)

4. Soul Cry (feat. Fonz Carter)

5. Still da West (feat. Brotha Ruff)

6. Wish (feat. Ivey Conerly)

7. Addictions (feat. Marcel Jackson)

8. Bangin' (feat. Bazooka Tha Disciple, Zaydok & Ivey Conerly)

9. Social Injustice (feat. Brotha Ruff, Eric C The Temper Tantrum & Marcel Jackson)

10. Ain't Feelin' you (feat. Ivey Conerly & Eshon Burgundy)

11. Tell Me

12. Where Is tha Luv (feat. Justus, Miracle & Micah Jovan)

13. Daddy's Gyrl

14. Greatful (feat. Reynaa)

15. Don't Do It (feat. Zaydok & Lindsay Niccs)

16. Ready

17. My Kind (feat. Ivey Conerly & SevinDuce)

18. Salute (feat. Zaydok, Justus & SevinDuce)

Released: Jun 7, 2019 ℗ 2019 HOG MOB MINISTRIES

Available in iTunes:

Singles include:

Brand New (feat. Bazooka Tha Disciple & SevinDuce)

Tell Me by Sevin

Pray 4 Me by Sevin

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