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Skill Tha Lightmare Releases New EP Album Entitled "Shalom To Tha Gang" 11/9/23!!!

Skill Tha Lightmare has released a new Album EP project titled "Shalom to tha Gang" and it's available now! This new album is an encouragement to believers to know that the "peace" God gives them is power to destroy any depression, anxiety, fear, guilt, witchcraft, anger, confusion, addiction, etc. These things leave us broken with emptiness, but Shalom is complete wholeness and peace.

On the flip side, the album is also a warning to unbelievers that through God's peace and favor, His gang (followers) are equipped for war. The peace that the people of God posses removes and destroys the authority that establishes chaos and confusion. The Christ Gang represents peace, wholeness, victory, and holiness. The four songs; Shalom to tha Gang, Christ Gang Party, I'm Not Replying to You, and Ain't Nothin Realer are worth putting on repeat. Be sure to also visit and stay updated with new merch, vlogs, events, devotionals, lessons, etc.

Also stay tuned with Hog Mob Ministries at as we continue to do work in the communities.

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