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Skill Tha Lightmare is an American rap artist and producer out of San Bernardino, California spearheading the rap industry with potent messages of hope, correction, wisdom, and love who began rapping in 1991 at the age of 7, with the influences of Gangster Rap.

From the age of 7, he would write raps and freestyle as a hobby onward into his teens and adulthood. Then, he began seriously studio recording in 2004 and started putting out music in 2005, including his first single titled "The Dino ft. 40 Glocc" (2005), "Tha Mixtape Vol. 1" mixtape (2005), "The Mixtape Vol. 2" mixtape (2006), a single title "Inland Empire" featured on Jynxx's "Beats and Life" album (2006), and more. From there, he built relationships with many notable artist and sold thousands of mixtapes in the streets. 

In 2006, Skill Tha Lightmare gave up the typical street thug lifestyle rapping due to becoming a Bible believer and having a firm belief in God. Later in 2006, he released "Rubbed The Wrong Way Vol. 1" mixtape (2006), "Rubbed The Wrong Way Vol.2: Wit It Or Against It" mixtape (2007), "Born 2 Times" mixtape (2008), "Just Listen 2 This" mixtape (2010), and featured on "Laughin'", the ninth track on Du2ce's J.C. Saved Me Vol. 2. Then in 2017, he released two previously recorded singles, "Do You Know?" and "The Real King" followed by the January 2018 release of the “Westernized” mixtape as a free digital download. In 2018, he released the single "Trynna Maintain" and featured a song on Hog Mob's TMob Chronicles Vol.1 Mixtape called "Sleep At The Will". In 2019, he featured on Sevin's album titled "Pray 4 My Hood Vol. 3: Ghetto Gospel" on track 3 titled "Fake N****z" with Zaydok, Justus, and Fonz Carter.

Growing up in an environment full of gang violence, criminal activity, drugs, and poverty, Skill Tha Lightmare can relate to those who feel they have to settle with the card they were dealt in life. These types of environmental conditions produce hopelessness. The only cure for hopelessness is hope.

While these environments cripple the dreams and aspirations of people that are a product of them, many other people with platforms of influence worsen the situation by promoting those very same things (violence, drugs, gangs, etc) as a badge of honor. They are not honorable.

Skill Tha Lightmare is out speaking life to this generation, the generation before it, and the generation after it. The popular term "stay woke" is very profitable as long as those shouting it are awakened themselves. All humanity needs to be awake and alive. So for those who are sleep, Skill Tha Lightmare is awakening them with a bright light, a Lightmare of Truth.


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